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Self-propelled Lawn Mower, 8-Level Height Adjustment, 18/20/21 inch Manganese Steel Blade, Foldable Handle, Fuel-efficient Low-Noise Gasoline Lawn Mower red,20lnch

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Brand: TongT18

Color: Red


  • [HIGH CUTTING EFFICIENCY] - Robustly constructed with the high Speed 3000rp/m powerful motor and metal steel blade. It produces a great cutting performance . Its clean cutting ability could collect about 95% grass after mowing, leaving hardly heaps of grass clippings behind
  • [8 ADJUSTABLE HEIGHTS] - The cutting height adjustment is extremely straightforward. It's well-positioned, and you only need to adjust it with a single lever. You have 8 positions (0.79 to 2.95 Inch) to choose from.
  • [USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN] - The handle is wrapped in sponge, which reduces the vibrations and chances of experiencing . It's also adjustable with 3 positions, which means it's suitable for different users. The control frame is also foldable, which makes winter storage a simple task.
  • [COLLECTOR-INDICATOR] - The collector is made of hard steel but combined with fabric on the sides between the top and bottom sections. This means that it takes up less space, while still collecting a lot of grass and being easy to clean.
  • [Protect the motor]- The switch must be released quickly and not too slowly, otherwise the unstable current will cause too much impact on the motor when starting and stopping, which may cause damage to the motor.

Details: product description: feature: The deep dome design combined with sharp and strong blades can better cover the ground. The mower is easy to operate and has a durable steel deck that can cut 46 cm. The width and adjustable height are between 20mm-75mm. Product parameters: Product name: Self-propelled lawn mower Speed: 3000rp/m Fuel tank capacity: 1.6L Displacement: 173W Gear adjustment: 8 gears Collection bag: 60L note: Be sure to oil before use