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Patio Heater, Electric Outdoor Heater, Infrared Heater for Indoor/Outdoor Use, Adjustable Heating Modes with Display and Switch, 500W-1500W, Waterproof with IP65, Freestanding, Remote&Timer

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Brand: Xbeauty


  • Efficient and fast heating: The latest infrared heating technology makes the objects in the heating environment absorb infrared rays more stable and fast. According to our test, the average time of heating a 110-160 sq space is 5 seconds. And there is no difference in temperature when the object is uniformly heated. The parameter of product is AC110-120V, 500W/750W/1500W. ETL Certificated. IP65 rated provides high water and dusty resistance. IP34 corrosion resistance

  • Convenience and beauty: Sturdy tripod, all metal supporting structure, design reasonable infrared heating area. Product height is adjustable, the display of the product reflects the current heating mode and heating power of the product the designed heating tube and heating surface area make heating faster and no waste of resources.. The heating part can be installed separately. Remote control can control the product's power, switching and timing functions.

  • Safe to use: In order to ensure that the buyer does not have any safety problems during the use of the product, the product is designed with double security protection. First this product comes with protection against overheating. Secondly, if you are a family with children or pets, the dumping protection of the product itself can also ensure that the product will automatically cut off power to avoid safety hazards in case of accidental collision by children or pets.

  • Apply to the following scenario: The product was designed with the idea that it could be used in all indoor and outdoor environments, whether it is an indoor bedroom, living room, or a baby's room, or an outdoor table, garden, this product is ideal for use. For example, you can use this kind of heater to heat your room. If you have cats or other pets in your house, their rooms will also need this kind of heater to keep them warm and keep them from catching cold.

  • Customer service: Welcome to contact our customer service staff at any time to inquire about any product issues, our customer service is 24 hours online, any buyers if not satisfied after receive our product can submit an application for return to us, we will reply to the buyer within 48 hours, all because of the quality of the product caused the after-sales responsibility shall be borne by us, we offer the buyers a year free replacement update service and return service.

Details: In this cold winter, after nearly a year of product updating, we are honored to recommend this indoor/outdoor electric heater with the latest infrared heating elements and safety protection.   Thanks to the improvement of our designers and the improvement of processing technology, the advantages of infrared heating are further expanded by this heater. The following is the benefits of infrared heating:: With direct and simple heat transfer, Produce high heat, sanitation and environmental protection, sterilization, save electricity, save cost.   At the same time, this product is also an excellent gift, in winter to your friends and family a highly efficient heating, saving electricity, the appearance of simple beautiful heater is a very warm thing ah!   Product Parameter   Power: 500W/1000W/1500W Product size: 27.55 X 27.55 X 70.86 IN Package size: 42.51 X6.1 X 15.94 Weight: 8.7 LB Recommended heating range: 110-160 sq AC: 110-120V Hz: 60 Waterproof level: IP65