Natuzzi’s Isacco Cream Leather Stationary Sofa

Natuzzi Italia is probably one of the most famous and well-known furniture brands out there. Since it was founded in 1959, it has been the synonym for quality and exquisite style. Often being the first choice for interior designers, architects and trade professionals, Natuzzi never failed to respond to the most diverse needs of functionality and design. That being said, you will easily understand our excitement to have one of their pieces in our office – Isacco Cream Leather Stationary Sofa.

First of all, we were satisfied with how simple it was to assemble this piece of fine furniture. All you’re doing is screwing on the legs. The legs are tucked away in a fastened section underneath the futon, quite hard to miss, and simple enough to attach. It took us roughly 20 mins to put everything together and get ready for our first impressions.

When it comes to design, Natuzzi’s Isacco Cream Leather Stationary Sofa proved to be a versatile choice for just about any space. No matter the style home you have, Natuzzi Editions offer you a minimalist aesthetic and an eye-catching contrast leg detail for the ultimate lounging experience. The Collections comes only in cream hue, resulting in pieces that will fit in with just about any color scheme.


Having dimensions 81″ wide x 39″ deep x 33″ high with a seat height of 19’, Natuzzi Sofa offers more than enough of the seating area, but at the same time is suitable for averagely sized apartments. The low profile of this sofa provides the illusion of extra space, even in low-ceiling rooms, which was definitely a go. Clean lines and low profile wrap-around side has definitely appealed to a little couch potato in us. However, if you’re planning on balancing dishes, laptops, files or anything else you might want within your close proximity, keep in mind arms might not be wide enough.

Now, speaking of materials, Stationary Sofa is offered in long-lasting leather and fabric, which should fit most diverse needs. What is more, the company claims all materials in their products come from highly sustainable sources. This usually means that the materials are recycled when possible, or produced with less water, fewer fertilizers and pesticides, while growing profit margins for the local producers and farmers. We were also pleased to find out the Natuzzi Group has been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001 certification for quality control and ISO 14001 for commitment and attention to the environment.

Not that it sounds great in theory, it also lived up to expectations. As we all know, sofas for everyday use need durable fabric. Well, in the office, we have pets and occasionally kids – pretty much all the main ingredients necessary to destroy light-colored furniture in a matter of days. However, the sofa has been exposed to wet dog paws, cats’ cozy naps, as well as one or two minor water,  spills with no lasting staining. It could be that we got to these stains quickly, but many other pieces of furniture that we have tested retained a smudge or lost some of its colors. It was definitely a bonus.

What some people might not like is that cushions and backs are fixed in place. It’s not something we would see as a deal-breaker, but still, maintenance would be a lot easier if you could detach pillows. If you pay attention to the online reviews, you will most probably find many complaints on the delivery services, which is really not up to Natuzzi.

When it comes to our verdict, we can say it’s easy to see why Natuzzi Italia is a bestseller. This was by far the nicest piece of furniture we have come across at this price point. It has a moderately deep seat and is soft, but still provides a supportive back. The oblique wooden legs are fresh and modern-looking while the rest of the sofa provides real comfort with a simplicity of the minimal aesthetics, suitable for pretty much any modern home.

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