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110V Automatic Rotation Gyro Rotisserie Propane Gas Vertical Broiler Gyro Meat Rotisserie Spinning Grill with Stainless Steel Pan

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  • ★【Stainless Steel Material】The body is made of 304 stainless steel, the structure is sturdy and durable, and the high-strength barbecue is not easy to deform for a long time. It is easier to clean after use.
  • ★【Vertical Barbecue Machine】Vertical automatic rotary barbecue machine, barbecue bibimbap. Vertical design, can be used for roasting turkey or barbecue. Make delicious home barbecue bibimbap.
  • ★【110V Motor】The barbecue machine is equipped with a 110V barbecue motor. 360°automatically rotate the barbecue. The rotation is stable, the power is strong, and the noise is low, and it can run stably for a long time.
  • ★【Dual heating plate】There are two heating burners on the left and right, and two temperature controllers separately control the temperature on both sides of the furnace. The temperature control is accurate and the heating is more uniform.
  • ★【Warm Tips】Use non-corrosive cleaning fluid when cleaning, wipe it with a towel, do not wash, do not soak in clean water, otherwise it will easily damage the electrical performance of the machine, electrical safety accidents may occur, and the service life of the machine may be reduced.

Details: All the products are shipped from US warehouse(CA or NJ)! Specifications: Voltage:110V (US PLUG) Power:3000W Name:Gas Doner Kebab Machine Model:CG-25 Material: Stainless Steel Fuel:LPG(GAS PIPE INCLUDED) Dimensions:300*300*480mm Weight:5.8KG User Guides: 1.According to the baking video, linked to a variety of selected automatically dial in the shaft on the grill the best position, fixed to the shaft on the grill. 2.Open the gas valve, burner lit with a point guns pressing shaft motor switch, indicator light, shaft began to turn. 3The good food of your choice on the string to the bamboo stick on the grill cover to automatically dial, for baking, you can cook the hot side of grill hanging off side, continuous baking. 4.Baked goods and food color and length of baking time, according to various different foods and personal preferences of their choice, then grilled and baked goods from the device. 5.The device uses gas combustion, when the finished baked goods should be air (electric) source cut off, cleaning off (e) air supply, using non-corrosive cleaning solution, wipe with a towel to clean, non-water Washing, not to clean water immersion, or easy to destroy the electrical performance of the machine, prone to accidents with electrical safety and reduce the life of the machine. Precautions: 1.The power supply voltage must be consistent with the unit. 2.The use of gas cans, pipe fittings, regulators must be safe and reliable, can not have leakage phenomenon. 3.The burner is strictly prohibited beat and wash with water. 4.A longer period of time after use to leave the device, you must cut off the air (electric) source.