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1300W Immersion Heater, Water Heater with Adjustable Thermostat, Water Level Auto Shutoff for Overheat Prevent, Stainless Bucket Heater, Warms up in Minutes 5Gallons of Water, KD Heater

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  • 1300W 120V KD Immersion Bucket Water Heater with Adjustable Thermostat,
  • Auto Shut-Off to prevent from overheating and the water dropping below the minimum operating level,
  • For heating small volumes of water (5 gallons of water), Effective and Easy to use

Details: KD Portable Immersion Bucket Water Heater for 5 gallons of water KD 1300W 120V immersion bucket water heater is effective and easy to use by simply placing the KD bucket heater in water and plug it in. As a safety feature, it includes an automatic safe shut-off that will automatically turn off the power supply when the water drops below the minimum operating level and reaches your preferred temperature to prevent from overheating. When the water drops below the threshold set, the heater will turn back on. KD bucket water heater can be used in a wide range of different fields such as farm houses, cattle farms, construction sites, factories, industrial sites, military units, restaurants, outdoor events, mini swimming pools, and any places requiring hot water. [Safety Features ] Automatically shuts off when it reaches your preferred temperature. Automatically shuts off when the water drops below the minimum operating water level. [How to use] Fill up a bucket (container) with water. Immerse the heater into the water and hang it on the bucket (container) before turning the power on. Turn on the power and set the temperature. [Cautions on use ] It must always be immersed in the water when in use. Never turn the power on before putting in the water. No water in the bucket (container) will burn and damage the heater. To avoid burns, do not touch the heating element with bear hands during the course of an operation.

EAN: 8809658370297