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1x Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner,Swimming Pool Automatic, Cleaner Above Ground Clean, Pool Sweeper Vacuum Hose Set,Automatic Regulator Valve,

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Brand: HGTY


  • The automatic pool vacuum cleaner offers you a perfect solution for cleaning dirt, leaves, debris from top to bottom of pool automatically and efficiently, good for above ground pools
  • PVC Pleated Seal (Base Plate) - Soft and thickened to clean your swimming pool gently and thoroughly
  • Automatic Regulator Valve - Sets the ideal crawling speed of the cleaner for peak performance
  • 3 Hose Weight Rings - Attached to hose for neutralizing the buoyancy of hose in the water and keeping balance when you clean the pool
  • 10 Hose Sections - You can add or take off the amount of hose needed for your pool for the best fit Requirement - Require a 1hp swimming pool pump Filtration system - This unit operates simply by attaching to a 16 in pool filtration system