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Acudor UF-5000 36 x 24 Inch Universal Flush Mount Access Panel Door Service Hatch with Stainless Steel Cam Latch & Concealed Hinge, White (2 Pack)

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Brand: Acudor


  • DURABLE: 2-pack access panels to gain quick, simple access to essential utilities in your walls; One-piece trim flange frame and door will not rack, sag, or warp, and rounded safety corners prevent snags and cuts
  • SECURE AND FLUSH: 5 stainless steel, flat-head screwdriver operated cam latches keep the door secured and flush to the frame
  • CONCEALED HINGE: Unique continuous hinge will not bind and sits completely concealed behind the door panel
  • READY TO PAINT: Discreetly colored and primed with white alkyd baking enamel that is simple to paint over and match to any environment
  • INSTALLS EASILY: Can be installed in drywall, plaster, masonry, tile, or any other flat surface

Details: Keep what needs to be hidden, hidden. This 2-pack of the UF-5000 Acudor 36 x 24 Inch Access Panels discreetly secures access to essential utility pipes, controls, or compartments. Whether in an office, industrial facility, or your downstairs bathroom, this steel panel provides quick and convenient access to critical but unsightly utilities in your walls. The 1-piece trim flange will not rack, sag, or warp and sits entirely flush against any wall. 5 stainless steel, flat-head screwdriver-operated cam latches keep the door secured and tight to the frame. Hinge binding is not a concern with the unique, continuous hinge that sits entirely hidden behind the door panel. This unobtrusive service hatch can be installed into a variety of materials including, drywall, plaster, masonry, tile, or most other building materials. This utility access point is primed with an inconspicuous white, alkyd baking enamel that can be left as is or easily painted over to match the scheme of any room. Secure and conceal what's important with this 2-pack of UF-5000 Acudor 36 x 24 Inch Access Panels.

EAN: 0193802248326