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ARTEFLAME Classic 40" Grill with a High Round Storage Base. Combination Charcoal Plancha, Grill, Griddle, Wood Fire Pit and Art. Designed to Last a Lifetime. Made in The USA.

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  • GREAT FOR ENTERTAINING: 1257 sq Inch of Plancha, Griddle, Grill cooking area.
  • VERSATILE: Uses both wood and / or charcoal. Storage Base holds cooking wood/charcoal, your favorite sauces, etc.
  • NO MAINTENANCE: Designed to be left outside year-round.
  • MADE IN THE USA FROM US CORTEN STEEL: No Cadmium Plated Grates, No Lead Porcelain, No Breakable Cast Iron.
  • DESIGNED TO LAST A LIFETIME. Note - Grill Grate not included.

Details: The Arteflame Classic 40" with high round base and cooktop elevates the art of outdoor cooking with the sleek, contemporary look and outstanding functionality. Building a wood or charcoal fire in the center of the grill, the cook top heats from the center out. This heat pattern results in higher cooking temperatures closer in as compared to the outer edges so a variety of foods can be cooked at various temperatures all at the same time. When not in use as a grill, the Arteflame can also be enjoyed as a fire bowl with the cooktop on or off, providing warmth and a social serene ambiance. The Arteflame Classic 40" is a one of a kind grilling experience. The removable cooktop is made of 1/2" carbon steel which contains the heat and makes it ideal to cook on. The spun bowl as well as the base are made of US CORTEN steel or "weathering" steel. All Arteflame grills have the accessory ring under the cooktop so the grill grate (optional, sold separately) can be dropped in and lay flush with the cooktop. Virtually maintenance-free: all food residue can be scraped into the fire. After plancha griddle cook top cools, wipe clean with a cloth or paper towel and food safe oil. Designed to be left outside year-round. Arteflame uses a special manufacturing process for all grills and plancha griddle inserts. It ensures an accurate and precise fit and finish, eliminates material imperfections and smoothes all steel edges so no food particles can lodge and hide... (yuck!). This method is expensive but it ensures the quality we strive for and you expect. We even descale and oil all our cooktops so they are guaranteed scale free and ready for seasoning and cooking. Arteflame never uses lead containing porcelain, we never use Cadmium containing plated steel grates and we do not use cast iron that cracks or breaks when dropped. We just use honest solid all American steel. The steel is extra thick and will last a lifetime. Grill Grate Included, other accessories are available separately.