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Astra Super Mega II Espresso Machine with Two Internal Bean Grinders, a Milk Refrigerator, a 16 Button Programable Drink Panel, with a Portable Cart Installed Water Softening System.

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Brand: AstrA

Color: Black


  • The ASTRA Super Mega II is a fully automatic coffee machine capable of producing 16 different drinks at the touch of a button.
  • The portable water softening cart allows the user to fill the containers with regular tap water. A commercial espresso machine requires distilled or softened water to operate without calcium buildup on the heating coils. This cart contains a water softening system that can be removed and permanently installed in a coffee kiosk or shop.
  • The Super Mega II is also equipped with a computer that provides the user with extensive software capabilities including: programmable dosing, product quality control, management reporting capabilities, self testing and self cleaning.
  • The user may change any of the pre-set factory settings with the touch of a few buttons, allowing the user to self select the perfect drink. Coffee bean grind time, espresso dosing, milk portion dispensing, and number of espresso shots, as well as hot water for americanos can all be programmed for a single button push on the panel so that each drink is consistent every time it's served.
  • The Super Mega II coffee machine is programmed to automatically sterilize its components after every drink and 15 minutes thereafter when not in use. All components of the Super Mega I comply with NSF standards and satisfy health regulations worldwide.

Details: This unit is in great working condition, and was only used for a few times in civic center home shows. Cart has a self-contained water system for a complete espresso shop on wheels. No drain or water hook up needed. This set up sells new for $12,000.00 Cart Features: - 10" duel filter system - (2) 2 gallon fresh water containers - Quick connectors on water tank for easy removal to fill - Custom low water level alarm will alert you when water level is getting low - Two adjustable cup dispensers Espresso Machine Features - Duel bean hopper (one for regular and one for decaf) - Self-contained refrigerator that holds one gallon of milk - Dispense milk and espresso right into cup - Can dispense a consistent single or double shot every 20 to 30 seconds - Produce a full 20 ounce latte in under 1 minute - Adjustable self flushing cycle - Tells you when to empty the puck drawer - Can program multiple, different drinks to be made at a push of a button Technical Features: -Length: 30" -Depth: 20" -Height: 60" on cart -Voltage/Amps: 220/20 -Shipping Weight: 250 lb This unit is perfect for a small kiosk business. Just fill the water containers, plug it in, put a gallon of milk in it's mini fridge and in fifteen minutes you will be making a latte, cappuccino, americano, or other custom drinks every minute. This is a high production machine that was purchased for a hospital business, but I decided to go a different direction. It was fully serviced just before I purchased it. Included is a water pump, filter, and softener units to minimize repairs and maximize drink quality.