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Best Access Doors

Best - Adjustable Access Panel/Door for Walls and Ceilings 4 Pack by Cendrex, (10.5” x 12”): Multiple Frame Sizes, Magnetic Locking, Polymer Corners, and Hidden Flange (10.5" x 12")

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Brand: Best Access Doors


  • MADE WITH HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS AND ITS EASY TO INSTALL! – The frame is made with steel with perforated folding tabs and 2 security cables. However, you do not need any additional materials or tools to install! Super easy!
  • CAN ADJUST TO ANY OPENING SIZE WITH FLEXISNAP! -This amazing technology allows you to adjust the frame to whatever size works for up to 14” x 14”! This flexibility allows the product to change when your plans do!
  • THE HIGH QUALITY WHITE PRIMER MAKES THESE PANELS ALMOST DISAPPEAR!- With beveled edges, a hidden flange, and the white powder coat primer, these panels will blend in just about anywhere. Easy to cover with paint or wallpaper too!
  • AN EASY-TO-USE MAGNETIC PANEL! -The strong magnets, but simple mechanics make this door quick to open! No more spending hours prying open old access panels!
  • DO YOU WORRY THAT LOW QUALITY PLASTIC ACCESS DOORS WILL LOOK TACKY AND WON’T LAST?–You don’t have to worry anymore. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and would never give you anything less than AMAZING!

Details: High Quality Access Door / Panel Aren’t you sick and tired of cheap plastic panels that start wearing away after the first year? Our promise to you is that ours will last. Cendrex panels are made with the highest quality of materials that are designed to last for many years. The 20 gauge cold rolled steel door, 24 gauge galvaneal steel, and polymer corners; make this product something you’ll want to put in every building you work on. Easily Adjustable Opening Size Finally an Access Door that changes sizes to fit the exact specifications you need for your project! The metal frame can easily adjust without losing any of its strength or durability. It starts off with a size as small as 6.5” x 8” but can become as large as 14” x 14”. This unique feature stops you from buying a new access door every time your opening size changes. Install is Quick and Easy We know that your time is valuable so we have ensured that this product is as quick and easy to install as it can be! This product takes zero extra materials to be installed and should not require any tools either. This access door adjusts to all wall and ceiling thickness, so put it anywhere. Everything you have, is everything you need. Cover up those distracting wires in no time! Access Doors Have Never Looked This Good This sleek panel works perfectly to conceal ugly wires and distracting pipe, without sticking out in the room. It has a hidden flange to ensure that it’s as flat to the wall as possible. What is showing, is covered in beautiful white powder coat primer. A Pack of Four We have heard your requests! It is always better to have a few of our Access Doors around, so you don’t have to go order more every single project. So now, this pack includes FOUR individually packaged Access Doors. It is always cheaper to buy in bulk, so we discounted the price for you too.