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California Umbrella

California Umbrella C758-F32 Canopy Patio Umbrella Replacement Cover, 7.5-Foot, Black

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Brand: California Umbrella

Color: Black


  • Made exclusively by California Umbrella
  • Replacement Cover is Made from Outdoor Rated Olefin Fabric
  • Replacement cover will fit these California Umbrella Frames: GSCUF758, GSPT758, ALTO758, MARE758, EFFO758
  • This is an O.E.M. part

Details: California Umbrella, Inc. has been producing high quality patio umbrellas and frames for over 50 years. The California Umbrella trademark is immediately recognized for its standard in engineering and innovation among all brands in the United States. As a leader in the industry, they strive to provide you with products and service that will satisfy even the most demanding consumers. Their umbrellas are constructed to give consumers many years of pleasure. Their canopy designs are limited only by the imagination. They are dedicated to providing artistic, innovative, fashion conscience and high quality products for all of your customer needs. This replacement canopy cover is made from Olefin fabric. These textiles are world renowned for quality and affordability, coupled with versatility in creating woven yarn combinations that achieve an ever expanding selection of color expression and finish. Olefin fabrics are made from synthetic fibers that are more robust and designed to sustain the outdoor elements while retaining a sensitivity to cost.