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Carvin Laser 25" Inch In-Ground Swimming Pool Sand Filter w/7-Way Valve

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Brand: Carvin


  • Even water distribution is the key behind the Carvin Laser sand filter series.
  • Inside this 25" UV- and corrosion-resistant blow-molded tank, you'll find it has been engineered with an underdrain and side-slotted laterals.
  • These direct water evenly across the entire surface of the filter sand without causing channeling or sand migration.
  • Hose and hardware is included with this filter.
  • The filter also features a 7-way dial valve

Details: This Carvin laser sand filter has been engineered to evenly direct water across the entire surface of the filter sand, without causing sand migration or channeling. The underdrain and side-slotted laterals draw water evenly across the surface of the sand which allows for higher flows, longer cycles, better filtering, and more efficient backwashing. The filter features a 7-way dial valve. Filtration Backwash Rinse Drain Winterize Test The non-corrosive resin clamp offers simple installation and service of the dial valve and the filters components. The blow-molded tank is UV and corrosion-resistant. With a deep, high-capacity sand bed, it can carry more debris and extend the filter cycles between backwashings. The tanks bottom drain makes draining and winterizing a breeze. High Pressure Hose and 2 adapters are included with this filter. The tank holds 350 lbs. sand (Sand not included).