DECORAPORT Smart Coffee Table for Living Room with Drawers, Temperature Control Drawer, Wireless Charging, USB Type-C Charger, 110V Outlets, with Cold Storage


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Color: Black


  • ✨【Super Material Outside 】 The outside part is galvanization iron plate, which makes the table durable. Wear-resistant, knock-resistant and easy to clean.
  • ✨【Super Charging】The unit is equipped 2 USB+1 Type-C chargers, and Wireless free charging, high-power charging without waiting, charging multiple devices at the same time.
  • ✨【Clod Storage 】 Double cold storage drawers, which help to retain the freshness of food and drink.
  • ✨【Electric Outlets】 With electric power outlets, 110 voltages, which can be used with an automatic water-filling kettle to make tea/coffee in the living room, which is convenient and hygienic.
  • ✨【Detachable Drawer】Tilt up and lift out to separate the drawer door and other parts, which is convenient for your daily cleaning and maintenance.
  • ✨【Two-year warranty】