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Dimension One Spas

Dimension One Spas 01512-320E Hot Tub E10 Circulation Pump 230 Volts with Built-in Flow Switch

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Brand: Dimension One Spas


  • Greater energy efficiency at a lower operating cost - This improved D1 hot tub pump draws just 60 watts vs the 98 watts required by the earlier version. The E-10 also runs cooler than its predecessor
  • Stronger, more durable motor - 230 volts versus the original 115v model comes without the need to rewire your whole spa.
  • Installation is simple, requiring the movement of a single white wire on your existing circuit board to accommodate the higher voltage
  • Fewer Error Messages - The E-10’s new “open impeller” design allows more water and debris to pass through the pump, creating a stronger stream of air bubbles and resulting in fewer “FLO Error” messages from partially clogged lines
  • Reduced Motor Overheating - Some versions of the E-10 include an integrated flow switch to allow self-priming of the pump. This reduces the chances of the motor overheating after draining and refilling your spa

Details: Dimensions One Spa The 01512-320E replacement circulation pump Comes with 3/4" hose barbs. (Will not fit with 1" hose barbs. Many original red or blue pumps, (1998 - 2008), have been upgraded to the new all-black model which includes both dry run protection and an integrated flow switch. This redesigned and upgraded 230 volt pump replaces many older original 115 volt versions too. Simply move a neutral wire at the time of installation to accommodate the voltage increase. So easy we'll even walk you through it on the phone. Starting in 2009, this is the standard pump and no wiring change is necessary.