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DOLPHIN C5 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner with High-Capacity Filtration and Powerful, Dual Scrubbing Brushes, Ideal for Commercial Swimming Pools up to 88 Feet.

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  • Built to last. Dolphin C5, ideal for commercial pools up to 88 feet, provides a heavy-duty cleaning solution with robust reliability for long-term effective operation. Backed by a 2 year quality assurance. Caddy included.
  • Clean the pool overnight. Easy-to-use, fully automated commercial robotic pool cleaner with remote control and multiple cleaning cycles. Reduce man-hours related to pool cleaning. Fast and efficient operation minimizes cleaning downtime, keeping your pool open for your guests to enjoy.
  • Healthy water, happy guests. Dual scrubbing brushes loosens, lifts, and suctions tough dirt and debris from the pool’s floor, walls and waterline, leaving the water exceptionally clean and healthy.
  • Enhance water quality. Fine (90µ) and ultra-fine (50µ), high-capacity filtration bags circulate thousands of gallons of water per hour, capturing dirt, dust and all other types of debris, leaving the pool water polished, enhancing water quality and guest satisfaction
  • CleverClean Technology paired with a unique gyroscope system delivers accurate and effective scanning for systematic cleaning and complete pool coverage.

Details: The Dolphin C Class commercial robotic pool cleaners are designed to help grow your hotel or pool facility business by improving your guest experience, reducing man-hours and reducing your overall pool related cleaning costs.