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ECO LLC 220V 9KW Bathroom Sauna Machine Steamer Spa Generator for Shower in Home Steam Room Shower ST-90 and ST-135 Controller

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Brand: ECO LLC


  • 【 Perfect performance 】- The perfect steam sauna experience is exactly what we had in mind with steam generators. Produce a consistent flow of soft and soothing steam thanks to the cleverly designed dual tank technology while minimizing any distracting operational noises.
  • 【 Easy to Install and Operate 】- Mini size makes it assemble very convenient. First you need to connect two N in parallel with a short line, then you need to connect two L in parallel with a short line, last you need 2 lines connect one L port and one N port to your outside electric supply.
  • 【 Safer to Use 】- Protection of water shortage & Over-high temperature protection to prevent dry burning , Over-high pressure protection, pressure safety valve prevents the steam outlet from being blocked and the inner tank expansion. Note:The temperature sensor must be installed outside the steam room.
  • 【 Advanced Technology 】- This machine used international advanced technology, Meet the ergonomics design, used Digital display & Control with lamp.
  • 【 Standard manual drainage function 】- The steam generator is manual drainage, cannot drain the water automatically.Our store has a upgraded type 9KW Self-Draining Steam Generator Shower with greater performance and automatic drain function for your choice.

Details: Specification:Power: 9KW, 50-60HZ Voltage :220-240V Electric Current :41A Maximum Heating Space(m³) :8.5M³ Wire Parameter (copper core wire) :4 Square millimeters Dimensions : (length x Wideth x Hight) 17.5"x6.5"x156" (445x165x395mm) Model :ST-90 Adjusting Temperature :35℃-55℃ Adjusting Time :1-60 min can adjust Dimensions: (length x Wideth x Hight) 3.9"x3.9"x1.6" Features:-It pass the ISO9001 quality certification and CE approved.-Ozone sterilization function; digital timer and water temp control.-Ventilation fan for better air and safe, remote control, safe protection function.-Reasonable design, stable function, use the international advanced technology.-The steam generator can be equipped with an optional auto drain to enhance performance.-Can be used frequently because of the stainless steel water box, electronic control panel and safety press button.-It equips with special room body to form the complete set of sauna, which can relax people's muscle, eliminate fatigue, and excrete the toxin in the body. Pipeline Installation:1.Water inlet pipe - the metal pipe is introduced with the existing 15mm pipe, with a 15mm mental hose separate connected to the inlet port of the machine and the valve of the water supply pipe.2.Steam outlet pipe -steam pipe should use a copper tube whose diameter is not less than 15mm , the steam pipe length is not more than 3 meters, and if the steam pipe length is over 3 meters, it should make heat preservation treatment .3.Drain pipe - to prevent damage to the body of the house during drainage, a water pipe that is not less than 15mm should be connected to direct drain off water.Package include:1 pc steam generator1 pc controller2 pcs wires1 pc steam Sprayer1 pc user manual(For detail wire diagram ,you can contact us directly )