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AA Communications Pool Phone

Emergency Pool Phone - 911 Only Cellphone with Weatherproof Outdoor Enclosure Phone Box Cabinet

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Brand: AA Communications Pool Phone


  • Emergency 911 Cellular Phone Specially Designed For Swimming Pools
  • No Expensive Phone Land Line, NO Monthly Contracts
  • No Monthly Cellular Phone Bills, No Contracts Required-Ever
  • This Life Saving Device And Free Service Is Completely Legal In The United States
  • Construction meets NEMA/EEMAC Type 4X, (Water Proof Corrosion Protected)

Details: This is an economical and vandal-resistant approach to an outdoor emergency phone system. It requires no phone service fee because it makes free 911 calls. It includes a Nema 4X type waterproof, corrosion protection, secure side latch, large call 911 sign, 911 Only emergency cell phone, and laminated operation instructions with anti-theft warning message. The 911 emergency cell phone runs on a lithium ion cell phone battery and as a power supply back up, long lasting alkaline batteries that last over 24 months. Includes 10 tamper resistant seals for door snap latch (with low effort tear off in case of emergency). Plan maintenance on an annual basis or more frequent if the phone is tampered with or used to make calls. Follow the maintenance process on the inside of the enclosure. The maintenance process for the system includes using the addition lithium ion cell phone battery supplied with the system and AC charger to remotely charge the phone battery annually as a backup to the alkaline batteries. The phone comes tethered with a stainless steel cable (rated at 45 pounds) to the inside of the enclosure for loss protection. Comes complete with emergency 911 Phone label. This cabinet is rated Nema 4X for indoor and outdoor use. Inside enclosure dimensions: H x W x D 10 x 8 x 5.59. If your emergency 911 phone has been lost, stolen or destroyed, within one year of the purchase date, you may replace it for $29.95. This model is designed with 4 levels of assurance that a call can be placed in an emergency situation: 1. Cell phone equipped with a charged lithium ion cell phone battery (only needs to be charged on an annual basis) 2. Back up power supply equipped with long lasting alkaline batteries 3. 2 additional spare long lasting alkaline batteries placed inside the enclosure 4. Tamper resistant seal for door snap latch and anti-theft warning message inside the enclosure For more information you can vistit us at our website at: