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Far Infrared Sauna Heating Blanket,Detoxifies Beauty Machine body Massager Anti Wrinkles Device Slimming Fitness Safety-water Proof Steam Blanket, Body Shape Burning Fat for Beauty Salon,Home Use(US)

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Brand: Salmue

Color: US


  • Function: This sauna heater blanket with far infrared sauna is used for fat burning, to speed up the metabolism, to promote blood circulation, etc. The long and wide cover design is suitable for most customers. Emit a low energy emission heat that can activate the metabolism, relax muscles, increase blood circulation throughout the body, remove excess toxins and also circulate lymph.
  • High quality: The exterior is made of high quality PU material, the interior is made of waterproof PVC, is safe, waterproof and soft and has a flexible traction even in different sleeping positions
  • Alarm function: If the appliance does not operate properly, the temperature is not set and heated to 85 ° C. The unit automatically shuts off the line, stops the heater and gives an alarm for one minute
  • Automatic shutdown: Unique heat output with 9 ~ 14 μm infrared. If the far infrared heating wire breaks and the thermal sensitivity is abnormal, the unit will automatically disconnect the line and the screen will indicate that the heater is off and an alarm for one minute is output.
  • Multi-control temperature setting: rapid increase and accurate control of temperature, reducing power consumption. This deeply relaxing treatment is also ideal for stress relieving joints and stiff muscles that will revitalize you when you are looking for immediate detox pain relief or you just want to fall a size of clothes. Recovery therapy for the shoulder, hips and waist, back and legs

Details: This multi-functional far infrared sauna heating blanket is designed for burning fat, accelerate metabolism, promote systemic blood circulation and etc. Increase the function of temperature anomaly protection and far infrared filament heating and heat sensitivity anomaly protection, safe to use. Features: 1. Long and wide cover design, which is suitable for most customers. 2. It is designed for burning fat,accelerate metabolism, promote systemic blood circulation and etc. 3. Suitable for beauty salon, spa, leisure chambers, and home use. 4. Safety-water proof soft material with flexible tensile capabilities even in various sleeping position. 5. Far infrared heat diffusion, deep into human cells, temperature rise to burn fat. 6. Promotes blood circulation, accelerates metabolism and melts excess fat. 7. Temperature control, temperature increase 80 degree abnormal protection. 8. Far infrared heat filament and heat sensitive abnormal protection. Specification: Item Type: Infrared Sauna Blanket Material: PU, Oxford Cloth Color: As Pictures Shown Optional Style: US Plug 110V Battery Model: CR2025 Package Weight: Approx. 6200 g / 218.7 oz Package Include: 1 x Infrared Sauna Blanket 1 x Main Machine 1 x Remote Control 1 x Power Supply 2 x Fuse Wire Note: 1. Please do not directly expose the skin to avoid burns. It is recommended to wrap the towel, use a disposable bath bag or put on a cotton pajamas before steaming. 2. It is recommended to use low temperature steaming for the first time. The time should not be too long. Do not use high temperature when using high temperature.