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FibroPool FH055 In Ground Swimming Pool Heater

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Brand: Fibroheat

Color: Grey


  • 100% Titanium heat exchanger
  • Quick disconnect piping, 1 1/2" pvc and 17 Amps power-220 volts
  • Digital display and controller
  • 16" x 40" footprint, slim fit
  • US Department of Energy top Energy Efficient System, 25 cents per hour

Details: Extend your swimming season this year with our large-capacity heater. With an output of 55,000 btu's, the FH 55 is rated to heat above-ground pools up to a 21′ round or a 15′ X 30′ oval, and in-ground pools up to 10,000 gallons. Utilizing a Copeland high-pressure differential compressor and a titanium heat exchanger, we've maximized energy efficiency to achieve a COP of 5.92; in other words, for every dollar of electricity, the FH 55 will output the equivalent of $5.92 of heat. Runs exclusively on a 12 gauge, 220 volt circuit (not 110 compatible), drawing the same power as a standard table saw. Quick installation takes less than 30 minutes with 1 1/2" compression fittings. All-metal, enamel coated case will last year after year and withstand the elements, assimilating perfectly with your existing pool equipment. Easy set digital display allows for quick adjustments from the unit, which can be extended with our optional extension cable for optimal convenience. CE approved and covered by our industry leading, 10-year warranty.