Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device 120-Watt Black


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Get rid of pesky flies with the high-powered Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device. This 120-Watt unit is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, effortlessly eliminating flies and other flying insects. Say goodbye to annoying pests and enjoy a fly-free environment with this sleek, black fly control device.

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Brand: Flowtron

Color: Black


  • Control night flying insect up to 2 acres
  • 120 watts UV lure power covers 1,200 sqft indoors
  • Mounts vertical or horizontally; Meets USDA and FDA guidelines
  • For outdoor & commercial indoor application at dumpsters & trash recepticals; ideal for barns
  • Removable collection tray.Replacement bulb: Flowtron BF-130


The Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device is a powerful indoor/outdoor solution for controlling night flying insects. With its 120-watt UV lure power, it can effectively cover up to 1,200 square feet indoors, making it ideal for commercial and outdoor applications such as dumpsters, trash receptacles, and barns. This device can control insects on up to 2 acres of land, providing a reliable and efficient solution for insect control. It can be conveniently mounted vertically or horizontally, and its removable collection tray makes maintenance a breeze. Designed to meet USDA and FDA guidelines, this black-colored device is a must-have for anyone looking to combat flying insects. Replacement bulb: Flowtron BF-130.

UPC: 026713088005

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