Giantex Large Couch, 3 Seat Sectional Sofa Set, L-Shaped Modular Sleeper with Convertible Chaise Lounge, USB Ports, 3-Hole Socket, Storage Box, 2 Bolsters, Family Apartment Living Room, Green


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Brand: Giantex

Color: Green


  • 🛋️〖Freely Change Sofa Forms As You Like〗: Featuring sectional design, the seat cushions, backrests, bottom frames, armrests and side pocket are all detachable. Not only can you assemble the set as the images show you, but also change it to a loveseat and single chaise lounge or a single chair and 2 seat chaise set. Besides, the chaise lounge can be moved to the left or right side based on the the arrangement of furniture and the structure of your room.
  • 🛋️〖Skin-Friendly & Comfortable Suede-Baby Also Like It〗: When touching the suede fabric, you’ll feel smooth and soft. Why do we help you choose this type of material? Because it is crease-resistant even baby will like it. Tips for maintenance: It is also easy to maintain clean by wiping it with dry cloth. It is not suitable for washing. and high density sponge keeps the cushion high-elastic and durable. Zipper design allows you to freely check the filler of back and bolsters which are filled with cotton, down and latex particles. It feels soft and cozy. The set also got TSCA certificated. Please note that color difference may occur between different light and monitor.
  • 🛋️〖Charging Phone or Laptop While Playing or Lying on Sofa〗: Sofa is a relaxing place for sitting and lying. We love talking or playing mobile phone or laptop here. When it is out of power, behind the backrest you’ll find 2 USB charging holes and 3-hole socket. Our L-shaped sofa features an unique steel backrest with various functions.There is also a hidden storage space on the steel backrest to store your important items. By twisting the fixing knob, you are able to firmly fix the steel backrest into the armrest and normal backrest.
  • 🛋️〖Surprising Private Storage Box behind Back Cushion〗: When you receive the sofa set, you will find a metal box which plays a key role. Firstly, when assembled well, it work as sturdy back support. Secondly, on the top of box you can find USB charging holes and socket. Besides, after removing the cushion,in the front of box, you’ll find the hidden storage space. It’s a good corner to store your personal belongings.
  • 🛋️〖Feel High Resilient on 5 Inch Thick Cushion〗: Thicker the cushion is, more comfortable you’ll feel. 5 inch is thick enough to give you the best sitting or lying experience. Under the seat is there a complete special spring system which can evenly distribute gravity,and each seat can hold 660 lbs at utmost.
  • 🛋️〖High-Quality Steel Bottom Support〗: As we all know, the weight bearing capacity of high-quality steel is much larger than wood. So we select solid steel to serve as bottom base to ensure that 3 seats can hold 1980lbs at utmost which is stronger than common sofa set.It is also rust resistant so as to keep 10 years at least but wood bottom easily deforms due to season and weather.
  • 🛋️〖How Deep and Wide Is Each Seat? Is It Friendly for Big Size?〗: Each seat is 29.5 inch wide and 25.5 inch deep (with back cushion).Chaise lounge is 51 inch deep. It is also perfectly suitable for big size.
  • 🛋️〖Easy Assembly with Modular Design〗: The sofa set will come with 3 packages which may arrive on different days. Please start assemly after receiving all 3 boxes. Detailed paper and e-version instruction will help you quickly put it together.
  • 🛋️〖Suitable for Family or Apartment Use〗: The overall dimension of the whole set is 97″L x 51″W x 31.5″H. The seat capacity is 3 or 4 persons. It is suitable for both apartment and family living room.
  • 🛋️〖Clean Space Under Sofa without Moving the Set〗: The height of leg is 6.5 inch which allows sweeping robot free move and clean the corner.