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Golden Flame

Golden Flame 36" Round Flat Fire Pit Pan (304 Series SS) for use w/30 Round Fire-Ring Burner

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Brand: Golden Flame

Color: Round Flat Pan


  • Compatible with 30" or 24" Fire Ring
  • Extra Thick 304-Series Stainless Steel (42% Thicker than most major Brands)
  • 3/4” Threaded Nipple (For Easy Installation of Fire Ring)
  • Weep Holes for Drainage
  • Compatible with both Natural Gas & Propane Gas w/required Air Mixer

Details: Our new 2019 Golden Flame 36-Inch Round (304 Series) Stainless Steel Flat Pan is ideal for your outdoor fire pit or fire table and will assist you in creating a fire that will always impress! Crafted of sturdy 16-gauge 304 stainless steel, this burner pan is truly built to be the ultimate addition to your fire feature. With weep holes to drain water and tri-purpose ignition ports designed to work with match lit, battery spark, and electronic ignition systems, this pan will match your needs perfectly! Not only does this burner pan have impressive traits to ensure your flames are always the best, this pan is also specially designed to make installation a breeze! To install this burner pan, you simply drop it into your fire feature’s opening, where it will rest against a built in or added ledge. Once installed, your fire media will rest on the pan to be easily visible. By having the pan at the top of the fire feature, the space below is left empty, which greatly improves air flow. This is especially helpful for propane fueled fires, which require oxygen to keep their flames burning. This empty space also means less spending for you, as you are not required to use fillers, such as sand or lava rock, to ensure your beautiful fire media rests at the top of your fire feature where it can best be seen.

EAN: 0811605022645