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HASA Pool The Liquidator, 8 Gallon, Standard

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Brand: HASA Pool

Details: AUTOMATIC CHLORINE FEEDER FEATURES: Non-electric Automatic Chlorine Feeder. Maintains Steady Free Chlorine Level. Feeds a Controlled Amount of Liquid Chlorine. Installs In Less Than 30 Minutes. ADVANTAGES: Eliminates Most Chemical Odors. Eliminates Algae with Constant, Steady Chlorination. No Build Up of Dissolved Solids. Refill The Unit Every 2-4 Weeks No Need For Pesky Floating Chlorinators. Saves You Time + Money 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. The HASA Liquidator is designed to feed a controlled amount of liquid chlorine into the pool or spa using a patented process. This process allows mineral salts and other dissolved solids to fall out of solution and remain in the unit for disposal. How does The Liquidator Automatically Chlorine Feeder Work? The units tank is partially filled with pool water. Liquid chlorine is poured in through a funnel and drop tube. Liquid chlorine remains at the bottom of the tank, because it is heavier than water! ***With the chlorine under a bed of pool water, most of the odors associated with the use of these chemicals is eliminated.*** Additional Notes: When the Chlorine Compounds are added to water it creates hypochlorous acid (HOCl), the killing form of chlorine and hypochlorite ions (OCl), which are relatively inactive. The pH of the water determines what percentage of the chlorine is in the killing form. Pouring liquid chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite) directly into the water or using a chemical feed pump introduces additional chemical salts that drive the pH up and contributes to the build up of dissolved solids. The Liquidator eliminates this problem by introducing the liquid chlorine in a unique way.