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Hayward Tiger Shark QC Auto Cleaner, White & Black

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Brand: Hayward

Color: black / white


  • Complete cleaning solution: for all types of surfaces.
  • Equipped with two easy to remove, clean and reinstall filter panels.
  • Recommended for residential pools up to 6m x 12m.
  • Suction power: 17 m3/h.
  • Cleans bottom, walls and flotation line.

Details: Known for years for its robustness and efficiency, the TigerShark treats the background, walls and water line. Equipped with a microprocessor with ASCL control logic, it calculates the shape and size of the pool for effective cleaning even in the smallest gaps. Quick Clean version for cleaning in less than 2 hours Reinforced filter cartridges. Completely automatic, no outer bag or tube needed. As soon as your program is finished, it stops automatically. Hayward robotic cleaners represent the highest standard in design, performance and quality. The cleaner rubs, vacuums and filters your pool independently. It is completely automatic and does not require installation or accessories. Simply place it in the water and turn it on. Adaptive Seek Control Logic (ASCL®) Microprocessor control optimizes the cleaning routine for all individual pool shapes and sizes. Auto Diagnosis, Overload Protection and Direct Transmission design with non-corrosive bearings offer high reliability.