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HONGYIFEI2021 Wood Chopping Manual Kindling Wood Splitter Farm Firewood Splitter Tool 17.3 Inch (H) Cast Steel Manual Kinding Log Wood Splitter, Top Ring Diameter: 8.2" for Household

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Brand: HONGYIFEI2021


  • √ Perfect for starting or splitting tough wood into usable firewood
  • √ Product size: the diameter of the top ring is 8.2 inches, the diameter of the bottom ring is 12.7 inches, and the height is 17.3 inches
  • √ The product is made of cast iron, making it very strong and able to withstand considerable impact when splitting the wood
  • √ Chopping wood requires less effort than using a standard axe, which is convenient and labor-saving
  • √ The welding is firm, the welding seam will not break, can be used for a long time, Virtually maintenance-free

EAN: 9434075076218