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Human Touch

Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-8500 Fully Upholstered Tweed PRO Zero Gravity Recliner, Flax

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Brand: Human Touch

Color: Flax Tweed


  • Recline to PROZero Mode: an unprecedented range of motion of recline and elevated leg positions to go beyond zero-gravity experience with one-touch built-in controller
  • 2015 Design Journal ADEX Award for Design Excellence recipient
  • 2 Personal Memory Settings: built-in ergonomic control panel to store memory settings
  • Memory foam armests
  • Battery Back-Up Safety Feature: restores chair to upright position in case of a power outage

Details: The Human Touch’s upholstered zero-gravity recliner in the Perfect Chair collection, the PC-8500. With its unprecedented range of motion, it provides more recline positions than any other chair. Like all of our Perfect Chair recliners, the PC-8500 has a smooth power recline transcending you into the precise doctor-recommended neutral posture position we call ZeroG. The breakthrough feature unique to the PC-8500 is the PROZero mode that reclines you into a deeper relaxation position beyond ZeroG, improving circulation and relieving muscle tension, soreness and fatigue. Only the precision-crafted PC-8500 takes wellness and comfort to the next degree to further ease pressure off the spine and elevate your legs to a higher level. The zero-gravity ergonomics of the Perfect Chair are a unique balance of support and seating comfort. This neutral posture position raises the legs above the heart, relieving weight from the spine. In this position, the body relaxes into a virtually weightless posture, which physicians recommend as the healthiest way to sit. Maximum ergonomic posture is ensured at all recline angles through the fixed-form seating position, allowing you to find relief from stress as you defy gravity in the Perfect Chair. Stylish design cues, premium upholstery, and comfort make it perfect for any décor. Welcome to the perfection of perfect. Features of the PC-8500 include: This chair has won the 2015 Design Journal’s ADEX Award for Design Excellence A precise zero-gravity experience through Human Touch ZeroG Technology Dual motor for independent back and leg rest adjustment One-touch zero-gravity (Go To Zero) Recline to PROZero: BEYOND zero-gravity to experience an unprecedented range of motion of recline and elevated leg positions. Built-in ergonomic control panel with 2 personal memory settings Articulating headrest with adjustable head pillow Molded contour lumbar support Memory foam armrests Fully upholstered base Battery back-up safely restores chair upright in a power outage Enjoy the Benefits of Zero-Gravity Immersion, including: Post-surgery recovery aid: Speeds up recovery and makes recovery more convenient Relaxes and rejuvenates the spine by naturally decompressing the vertebrae Relieves muscle tension, soreness, and fatigue Elevates legs above the heart, helping to improve blood flow Helps expand lung capacity, allowing for deeper, more relaxed breathing Improves circulation and blood-oxygen levels Human Touch massage chairs are the only chairs endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC), and serve as an important tool for back pain patients. The WFC is a global non-profit organization that exists to support, empower, promote, and unite over 100,000 chiropractors and the chiropractic profession all over the world. Since 1979, Human Touch wellness solutions have provided measurable physical and psychological benefits to a wide range of users including back pain patients, active seniors, sports and outdoor enthusiasts, and those living with stress and chronic pain. Influenced by our esteemed Wellness Council members, our wellness solutions alleviate stress and muscle pain, while increasing circulation, boosting immune systems, and promoting the body’s natural healing processes.  OUR MISSION  Human Touch provides innovative products and experiences that deliver life changing benefits.  “As the Perfect Chair reclines, the muscles instantaneously start relaxing. When the chair reaches neutral posture there is a huge reduction in the state of muscle irritation, establishing objectively that the Perfect Chair promotes spinal health.” - David Marcarian. President, Precision Biometrics. NASA-Trained Ergonomics Expert. Human Touch Wellness Council Authority  “Being on the Human Touch Wellness Council gives me opportunity to share with other chiropractors nationwide the benefits that Human Touch products can have for their patients. It’s a great company producing great products, and I’m proud to be associat