Hunter I-Core IC-600PL-18 18 Station Irrigation Controller 120V 230V 240V


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Upgrade your irrigation system with the Hunter I-Core IC-600PL-18 controller. With 18 stations, this versatile controller is compatible with 120V, 230V, and 240V power supplies. Take control of your watering schedule and maximize efficiency with this top-of-the-line irrigation solution.

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Brand: Hunter


  • IC-600-PL – 6-Station base domestic model with outdoor plastic cabinet, can be configured by adding modules up to 30 stations
  • Removable front panel for remote programming
  • Diagnostic Dashboard continually monitors and displays system operation for flow, station and sensor status
  • Automatic short circuit detection, skips shorted stations and continues watering, no fuses to replace
  • Seasonal Adjustment by Program (globally, monthly, or daily by Solar Sync);0% to 300%


The Hunter I-Core IC-600PL-18 18 Station Irrigation Controller is a reliable and efficient solution for managing your irrigation system. Designed by Hunter, a trusted brand in the industry, this controller offers a range of features to ensure optimal performance. The IC-600PL-18 is a 6-station base domestic model with an outdoor plastic cabinet, and it can be expanded by adding modules to accommodate up to 30 stations. The removable front panel allows for easy remote programming, while the Diagnostic Dashboard provides real-time monitoring of system operation, including flow, station, and sensor status. With automatic short circuit detection, the controller skips shorted stations and continues watering, eliminating the need for fuse replacements. Additionally, the Seasonal Adjustment feature allows for program customization based on global, monthly, or daily Solar Sync data, offering flexibility and efficiency in water management. The Hunter I-Core IC-600PL-18 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a durable and advanced irrigation controller.

UPC: 723861901759

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