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Ikea Bed frame, birch, Luröy, Queen size 14204.82929.3826

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Brand: IKEA

Color: White


  • - You can decide the style of this bed frame. The untreated surface can be oiled, waxed or stained and the high end is perfect for draping your favorite fabric.
  • - It doesn’t matter how you place this bed. Use the low end as a headboard and hang clothes on the high end. Or the other way around, and use the low end to lean against when putting your socks on.
  • - Adjustable bed sides allow you to use mattresses of different thicknesses.
  • - If you oil, wax, lacquer or stain the untreated solid wood surface it will be more durable and easy to care for.
  • - 17 slats of layer-glued birch adjust to your body weight and increase the suppleness of the mattress.

Details: Bed frame: Solid birch Center support beam: Galvanized steel Slatted bed base: Layer glued slats: Eucalyptus veneer, Pine veneer, Adhesive resin as coating Ribbon/ Ribbon: 100 % polyester, 100 % polypropylene Layer glued slats: Beech veneer, Birch veneer, Adhesive resin as coating - Mattress and bedlinens are sold separately. Good to know A SKORVA center support beam is required for this product. If you shop in the store, you must pick up SKORVA separately. If you purchase your bed online, SKORVA is included. Slatted bed base is included in the price but picked up separately. It is important not to screw hooks or handles onto the bed or hang ropes or belts in which children can get caught when playing.