iPower Electric Leaf Trimmer Machine 16 Inch, Stainless Steel Blade, Automatic Spin Cutting, for Hydroponic Plant Bud and Flower


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Introducing the iPower 16 Inch Electric Leaf Trimmer Machine – the ultimate tool for effortless and efficient trimming. Designed with a sharp stainless steel blade and automatic spin cutting, this trimmer guarantees precision and speed. Perfect for hydroponic plant bud and flower trimming, get ready to experience top-notch results with the iPower Leaf Trimmer.


Brand: iPower

Color: for Hydroponic Plant Bud and Flower


  • Powerful motor & adjustable speed: Upgrade electric motor ensures efficient and fast trimming. Simply rotate the speed control dial, choose the appropriate speed (0-70 RPM). Feature two rotate directions (forward/reverse) for fingers & blades
  • Dry & wet trimming: Remove dry trimming grate for wet leaf trimming. Insert dry trimming grate for grinding dry plant leaves. Clear acrylic cover ensures total visibility and more control over the degree of trim
  • Adjustable blades & food grade silicone fingers: Sharp stainless steel blade ensures efficient trimming to save time and labor. Blades are adjustable and replaceable for different needs. Safe food-grade fingers will not impart any smell to your harves
  • Wide usage: Easy to use and maintain. Ideal for getting rid of excess leaves and trim twigs from various hydroponic plants and flowers. Also fit for debudding and grinding herbs to prepare essential oils and mixed flower for aromatherapy
  • Multiple taking out methods: Outlet port makes it easier to empty out trimmed flower with effortless. Simply open the port and tilt the cylinder, trimmed plants will flow out from the machine. Besides, you can take out them from the top


The iPower 16 Inch Electric Leaf Trimmer Machine is a powerful and efficient tool for trimming and preparing hydroponic plants and flowers. Equipped with a strong electric motor and adjustable speed control, this trimmer ensures fast and precise trimming with a rotating speed of 0-70 RPM. The machine offers both dry and wet trimming options, allowing you to remove the dry trimming grate for wet leaf trimming or insert it for grinding dry plant leaves. The clear acrylic cover provides visibility and control over the degree of trim. The sharp stainless steel blade is adjustable and replaceable, while the food-grade silicone fingers ensure safe and odorless trimming. With its wide range of applications, including excess leaf removal, twig trimming, debudding, and herb grinding, this trimmer is a versatile tool for any hydroponic enthusiast. The multiple taking out methods, such as the outlet port and top access, make it convenient to empty out the trimmed plant material. Experience efficient and hassle-free trimming with the iPower Electric Leaf Trimmer Machine.

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