Irritrol TC-24EX-R Outdoor Irrigation Total Controller


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The Irritrol TC-24EX-R is the ultimate outdoor irrigation controller. With 24 stations, it provides complete control over your entire irrigation system. Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to managing your landscape – choose the Irritrol TC-24EX-R for optimal performance and efficiency.

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Brand: Irritrol


  • Climate Logic compatible – Turn the Total Control into a weather-based controller using an on-site wireless weather sensor
  • New “R” models are remote-ready – For Irritrol’s Contractor Residential Remote (CRR) series
  • Four independent programs offer concurrent operation capability – For scheduling flexibility
  • Programmable master valve On/Off per program – Provides the flexibility of running some programs with a booster pump and some without
  • New 36 and 48-station models – For irrigating larger landscapes


The Irritrol TC-24EX-R 24 Station Outdoor Irrigation Total Controller is a versatile and efficient solution for managing your outdoor irrigation system. With its Climate Logic compatibility, you can easily transform the Total Control into a weather-based controller by using an on-site wireless weather sensor. The new “R” models are remote-ready, allowing you to control your irrigation system with Irritrol’s Contractor Residential Remote (CRR) series. Featuring four independent programs, this controller offers concurrent operation capability for optimal scheduling flexibility. Additionally, the programmable master valve On/Off per program allows you to run certain programs with a booster pump and others without, ensuring enhanced control over your irrigation setup. To cater to larger landscapes, the TC-24EX-R is also available in 36 and 48-station models. Trust Irritrol for a reliable and efficient irrigation controller that meets your landscaping needs.

UPC: 090258050087

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