Ishishengwei Swimming Pool Automatic Dirt Suction Machine Blue


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Keep your swimming pool sparkling clean with the Ishishengwei Swimming Pool Automatic Dirt Suction Machine. This pool bottom suction device effectively cleans underwater and even climbs the walls, leaving your pool spotless. With its 30-meter cable wire, cleaning your pool has never been easier.


Brand: Ishishengwei

Color: Blue


  • 【Intelligent route planning】 With regular path mode for square and L-shaped pools, comprehensive coverage of the bottom of the pool, eliminating dead ends, efficient cleaning; and random path mode for circular, shaped pools and other cleaning. Also has automatic obstacle avoidance and extrication (turn around, turn, backward) ability.
  • 【Intelligent wall climbing】 With intelligent wall climbing ability. During the cleaning process, it feels the collision of pool wall, step, slope, etc., and immediately identifies automatically, easily and comfortably realizes the wall climbing function and continues the cleaning work. The water line mode is more capable of climbing the wall and water line cleaning ability.
  • 【Double active brush】 CM-600 pool cleaning machine, built-in double active brush movement and cleaning synchronization. The active brushes produce strong friction at a higher speed relative to the crawler, efficiently cleaning the pool bottom, wall and waterline dirt, leaving no place for stains to escape.
  • 【Double suction pump】 CM-600 pool cleaning machine, equipped with double suction pump with double suction power, using custom axial flow pump paddle, to achieve super efficient water filtration capacity. At the same time, through a full range of fluid dynamics analysis, to eliminate the cleaning loop, effectively reduce the bottom of the pool sediment lifting, to provide effective protection for the cleaning effect.
  • 【Quick Pickup】 Select the APP or control box one-touch recycling function, CM-600 will automatically move to the nearest sink, so that users can quickly pick up and recycle.


The Ishishengwei Swimming Pool Automatic Dirt Suction Machine is a must-have for pool owners who want a clean and hygienic swimming experience. With its intelligent route planning, this machine ensures comprehensive coverage of the pool bottom, eliminating dead ends and efficiently cleaning the entire pool. It also features intelligent wall climbing ability, easily maneuvering around pool walls, steps, and slopes. The double active brush movement provides powerful cleaning of the pool bottom, wall, and waterline, leaving no place for stains to escape. Equipped with a double suction pump, this machine offers super efficient water filtration capacity, ensuring a thorough cleaning every time. With its quick pickup function, the CM-600 automatically moves to the nearest sink, allowing for easy and fast recycling. Say goodbye to manual pool cleaning and enjoy a sparkling clean pool with the Ishishengwei Swimming Pool Automatic Dirt Suction Machine.

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