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Kardiel Egg Chair, Cadet Grey Tweed Cashmere Wool

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Brand: Kardiel

Color: Cadet Grey Cashmere


  • Brand: KARDIEL; Tweed Fabric in a premium Cashmere Wool Blend. 50% Cashmere Wool 50% Synthetic Fiber.
  • High density foam; The entire chair is Hand Sewn/Stitched.
  • High quality aluminum base in chip and flake resistant Satin Finish; Chair features both Tension tilt and 360 degree swivel function.
  • Constructed around a synthetic "dimension true" curvature shell; Smooth Contour cold pressed foam body wrap provides meticulous contour for this design.
  • Chair Dimensions: height 42.9 inches at the highest point x depth 31.5 inches x width 34.6 inches at the widest point; Floor to seat height 15.9 inches.

Details: Kardiel's Mid Century Classic Egg Chair Style Premium Reproduction Features: If you can justify the $5,000.00 plus price tag of the licensed reproduction by all means indulge. If not, this auction features the highest in quality egg chair reproduction inspired by the original Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair. Its creation is taken from respect of the dimensions, the angles, the pitch and curve wrap of the original mid century classic design. Arne Jacobsen's attention to these details is what made the original Egg Chair an iconic classic. * High density CA 117 foam * Premium Cashmere Upholstery * The entire chair is Hand Sewn/Stitched * High quality aluminum base in chip and flake resistant Satin Finish * Chair features both Tilt and 360 degree swivel function * Chair Dimensions: height 42.9" at the highest point x depth 31.5" x width 34.6" at the widest point * Chair Dimension: floor to seat height 15.9" * Constructed around a synthetic "dimension true" curvature shell. * Smooth Contour cold pressed foam body wrap provides meticulous contour for this design Where Cashmere Wool comes from. Cashmere wool fiber is obtained from “Cashmere goats.” Historically, fine-haired Cashmere goats have been called Capra hircus laniger, as if they were a subspecies of the domestic goat Capra Hircus. Cashmere goats produce a double fleece that consists of a fine, soft undercoat or under-down of hair mingled with a straighter and much coarser outer coating of hair called Guard Hair. For the fine under-down to be sold and processed further, it must be de-haired. De-hairing is a mechanical process that separates the coarse hairs from the fine hair. After this separating process the resulting premium “cashmere” is ready to be dyed and converted into yarn. About the Tweed Fabric Style. Tweed is a flat surfaced wool/blend, originally homespun and slightly felted. This fabric is sturdy and features a smooth overall appearance with a mottled color. Not all Tweed fabrics are the same. The content of the Tweed determines its quality, appearance, texture and durability. Tweed in Cashmere wool provides the ultimate in durability and comfort. Cashmere is the premium version of wool and is comfortably luxurious to the touch, breaths naturally is proven to last for decades. HISTORY OF THE ICONIC EGG CHAIR Originally built for the Radisson Hotel in Copenhagen the Egg Chair was typical of Arne Jacobsen's style and it quickly became a Mid Century Classic. Jacobsen was known for using unique materials in his pieces and was not afraid to take risks with the shape. It has been suggested that the Egg Chair design was actually inspired by Euro Saarinen's Womb Chair. Regardless, in many respects the Egg is a more complete design. An admired trait of the chair is the relatively thin oval body design. Its gracious curves comfortably surround the sitter. The high wing back makes it an excellent chair for curling up in with a good book. The egg chair is the essence of form and function. The Egg has appeared in movies, mags and TV since its birth in 1958. Among some of the more famous celebrities to be seen in Egg Chairs in photo shoots are Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot on cover of Vogue in the 1960s, and more recently Michelle Pfeiffer on the cover of Esquire Magazine.