Kasco AquatiClear Water Circulator Pump w/Universal Mount 3/4 HP 120V Black


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Keep your dock, marina, and shoreline free of algae and debris with the Kasco AquatiClear Water Circulator Pump. This powerful 3/4 HP pump features a clog-resistant design and comes with a 50 ft. electric power cord. With the universal mount, installation is a breeze.


Brand: Kasco

Color: Black


  • Water Circulator w/Universal Mount: AquatiClear by Kasco is a pump circulator, reimagined. This 3/4 HP, 120 V circulator with a universal mount produces continuous water movement to keep docks, marinas, canals, shorelines, and other watery areas free from algae, floating debris, and fetid odors.
  • Innovative Design: With our revolutionary Clean Current Technology, AquatiClear circulating water pump features a brand-new composite prop guard with smooth, rounded tines to ensure maintenance-free as well as continuous operation. This unique design of the circulator pump allows floating debris to slip off the guard rather than wrap around the motor shaft or prop.
  • Maintenance-Free: The external metal and hardware of our pumps are made with stainless steel and are protected by a sacrificial zinc anode. AquatiClear is the only circulator on the market that runs continuously without the need to clean out clogs, weeds, lake vegetation, and other debris.
  • Safe & Easy Installation: This pack includes a 3/4 HP, 120V AquatiClear unit, and a 50-foot power cord. The circulating water pump comes with a Universal Mount Kit that includes a Simple Swivel bracket, allowing for easy rotation of the unit to direct the water flow. Upon installation, your AquatiClear is ready for immediate use.
  • No Risk to You: AquatiClear lake, marina, dock, or pond water pump circulator is backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee! For more support and troubleshooting, please reach out to us.


The Kasco AquatiClear Water Circulator Pump with Universal Mount is a powerful and efficient solution for keeping docks, marinas, canals, shorelines, and other watery areas free from algae, debris, and unpleasant odors. With its 3/4 HP, 120V motor and innovative Clean Current Technology, this circulator pump ensures continuous water movement without the hassle of clogs or maintenance. The composite prop guard with smooth, rounded tines prevents debris from wrapping around the motor shaft or prop, while the stainless steel construction and sacrificial zinc anode offer long-lasting durability. Installation is safe and easy with the included 50-foot power cord and Universal Mount Kit. Backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee, the AquatiClear Water Circulator Pump is a reliable choice for maintaining pristine water conditions.

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