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KBQ C-60 BBQ Smoker Pit

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Brand: KBQ


  • Cited by three James Beard Foundation Award winners. Winner of Hearth & Home's Vesta Award for Innovation.
  • Uses a REAL WOOD FIRE, not gas, charcoal, pellet, or electric heat. KCBS-legal for competition.
  • Inverted Flame™ Firebox makes thin blue smoke automatically. AutoDraft™ Controlbox maintains temperature automatically. A true "stickburner," without the headaches and heartaches.
  • Invented, designed, and made in Texas by a veteran USN submariner. Laser-cut, stainless steel construction throughout. Protected by US Patents 7,895,942, 8,635,947, 9,526,376, and 10,653,272

Details: KBQ® has tamed the real wood fire to eliminate the long apprenticeship required to master a traditional “stick-burner.” If you can put a log in a box, you can make thin blue smoke and great barbecue in a KBQ® pit. Each pit includes: Firebox: Inverted Flame™ technology with Smoke Selector™ feature, of 14GA SS Controlbox: AutoDraft™ technology, of 18GA SS Cookbox: 60-lb capacity with 12-position racks, of 18GA SS Four wire shelves of SS; interchangeable with full size hotel steam pans Two 3" wheels pre-mounted on the rear legs One Fire Tending Hook One sweet KBQ® can coolie Before ordering you should be aware of a few facts to avoid any surprises (a read-through of the Owner's Manual at KBQ. US may also be helpful): The Firebox will require tending (settling the coals and adding a small log or two) about every 30 minutes. This is not a "set-and-forget" pit. Finding fuel can be a challenge. The C-60 runs best on small logs that are bigger then a soda can and smaller than a common brick. You won't want to run it on charcoal or billiard ball-sized chunks, which are too small, too dry, and too expensive. Line-up a wood supply first. The Firebox uses a semi-open flame and will spark occasionally; it also gets very hot. So, it's not advisable to use the pit when or where you wouldn't build a small camp fire, like on a houseboat, on a wood deck, or during dry, windy weather. Other stuff you should know: Fishy-looking "Just Launched" sellers' listings on this page really are too good to be true - hold on to your wallet. Your pit will ship with signature required for delivery unless other arrangements are confirmed before shipping.

EAN: 0867152000001