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Introducing the Knocokie Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner – the ultimate solution for inground pool maintenance. With a powerful dual-motor system and smart navigation, this cleaner effortlessly tackles dirt and debris, leaving your pool sparkling clean. Enjoy up to 140 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning and the convenience of LED indicators. Experience hassle-free pool cleaning with Knocokie.

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Brand: Knocokie

Color: White


  • 【Cordless & Efficient Cleaning】Knocokie P1 cordless robotic pool cleaner don’t need to be connected to your pool’s filtration system or power supply. Pool cleaner robotic powered by built-in batteries and use their own drive system for movement ensure the safety.Simply long press to power the cleaner on, then let the robot enter water and the cleaning process will begin automatically. Ideal for in-ground flat-floored pools, above ground pools and framed swimming pools, etc
  • 【Battery & Charging】Knocokie P1 robot pool cleaners for inground pools have 5000mAh, A full charge only takes 2.5-3 hours. Knocokie robotic pool cleaner could clean the flat swimming pool with a slope below 25 degrees at the bottom of the pool.And a full charge pool robot vacuum can clean up 1000 sq/ft for the pool bottom up to 8.2 ft deep.
  • 【Upgraded Cleaning System】Knocokie robotic pool cleaner have IPX8 waterproof design and dual-motor.Pool robot vacuum have 2 larger water inlets and 2 scrapers can easy clean debris, leaves, and small stones,etc. Knocokie cordless pool vacuum cleaner has a fast-moving speed (appr.19-59ft/min), two large suction doors with assist scrapers and superior 200μm fine filter.And leaving your pool sparkling clean in no time.
  • 【Self-Parking】Knocokie cordless robotic pool vacuum cleaner has two automatic parking modes.1. When the filter system of the cleaning machine is too dirty to be cleaned, it will automatically stop by the pool, and the indicator light will flash red. 2. When the battery of the cleaner is low, it will automatically stop by the pool. Use a retrieve hook can tick it up from your pool easily.Then simply remove the cover and rinse the filter with a hose for easy cleaning.
  • 【After-sales Service】The package includes Knocokie P1 cordless robotic pool cleaner,built-in filter, power adapter, hook,scrapers*4.The body is made of anti-ultraviolet and anti-oxidation materials, suitable for outdoor long-term use. Contact our customer team if you have any questions or issues. We have a 1-year warrenty and 24h customer service, feel free to email us.


The Knocokie Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner is a powerful and efficient pool vacuum cleaner designed for inground pools. With its cordless operation, you don’t need to connect it to your pool’s filtration system or power supply. Powered by built-in batteries and equipped with a reliable drive system, this pool cleaner ensures safety and convenience. Simply power it on, let it enter the water, and it will automatically begin the cleaning process. Suitable for flat-floored pools up to 1000 sq. ft, this robotic pool cleaner features a dual-motor system, smart navigation, and a parking system. It also has a LED indicator for easy monitoring. The Knocokie Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner is equipped with a large capacity battery that can be fully charged in just 2.5-3 hours, allowing it to clean up to 1000 sq. ft of pool bottom up to 8.2 ft deep. Its upgraded cleaning system includes IPX8 waterproof design, 2 larger water inlets, 2 scrapers, and a superior 200μm fine filter. When the filter system is dirty or the battery is low, the cleaner automatically stops and enters a parking mode. With its durable construction and excellent after-sales service, this pool cleaner is a reliable choice for keeping your pool sparkling clean.

UPC: 794969802002

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