Kotatsu Heated Table Kotatsu Table Coffee Table Table in Living Room Multifunctional Table for Four Seasons, Table Heating Table+Quilt+Carpet+Heater (Color : B, Size : 120x80x45cm)


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Color: B


  • ❤️ 【Use and Composition】: The warm table is a low table, covered with a quilt, and there is an electric heater under the table, which is usually attached to the table frame. The heating table is placed on a non-slip mat. Sit on a mat and keep your legs, feet, and even your entire body under a warming table to keep warm. When the weather is warm, the quilt can be removed, and the warm table becomes an ordinary low table.
  • ❤️【Low Power Consumption】: The power consumption is about one-sixth of that of the air conditioner, which is more energy efficient than the air conditioner. The heater is rated at 600W and has a built-in fan motor, allowing the heat to quickly dissipate under the heating table. The heat of the heater is quickly released under the warm table, which can realize the function of circulating energy saving.
  • ❤️【Can be Used in All Seasons】: This is a multifunctional Japanese low table in spring and summer. Instead of using a quilt, put the table back on the table and turn it into a very beautiful small coffee table. Lying on the kotatsu table in winter, reading, drinking tea, chatting with family is very comfortable, and you can rest warmly and comfortably when you are sleepy.
  • ❤️【Give Parents a Warm Gift】: Many elderly people are afraid of cold waist and legs. The heater adopts a safe and gentle heating method. After the legs and even the whole body are put into the heating furnace, the heat is transferred evenly, which can promote blood circulation and benefit the health of the elderly.
  • ❤️【Soft and Comfortable Quilt and Cushion】: The heating table is equipped with a thick quilt and a warm and comfortable floor mat, it will be very warm and comfortable to stretch your legs into the quilt in winter, allowing you to enjoy a warm winter life.

Details: ❤️This wood heating table is paired with a thick quilt and floor mat to keep you cozy and warm in the cold winter months. After winter, you can use this table alone as a coffee table.

Non-slip, easy to store, washable, detachable/foldable, safe and stable, energy saving, and comfortable.

❤️Common sense of daily maintenance:
1. Clean the product regularly and keep it clean.
2. Clean the surface of the product with water or neutral detergent, then dry with a soft towel.
3. Be aware of where cleaning products are hidden. Timely cleaning can make the product durable.

❤️Product specifications:
-Name: Japanese style heating table
-Material: Wood
-Size: 120×80×45 cm(47.2×31.4×17.7 inch)

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