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  • ♥ 【Composition and use】— The warm table is a low table, covered with a quilt, and there is an electric heater under the table, usually attached to the table structure. The warming table is placed on a non-slip mat. Sit on the mat and put your legs, feet, and even your entire body under the warming table to keep warm. When the weather warms up, the quilt can be removed, and the warm table becomes an ordinary low table.
  • ♥【A warm gift for parents】—Many elderly people are afraid of cold waist and legs. The heater adopts a safe and gentle heating method. After putting the legs, feet and even the whole body into the heater, the heat will be transferred in a balanced way, which can promote blood circulation. , is beneficial to the health of the elderly.
  • ♥【Safety Protection Automatic Power Off】—The heater itself has a fuse, which will automatically disconnect when the temperature is too high and the load is overloaded, thus forming an automatic power-off heating.
  • ♥【Multi-level temperature adjustment】-It is very comfortable to lie on the kotatsu table in winter, read books, drink tea and chat with family members, you can rest warmly and comfortably when you are sleepy.

Details: □ Introduction of heating table:
1. Heating table is a traditional heating device, also known as kotatsu or kotatsu. It is a low table with a quilt and an electric heater under the table, usually attached to the table structure. .The kotatsu watch is placed on a non-slip mat. Sit on a mat and stretch your legs, feet, and even your entire body to keep the warm table warm. When the weather is hot, the quilt can be lifted and the kotatsu table becomes an ordinary low table
2: In the cold winter, you need a multifunctional table that can warm up, drink tea, play chess, read books, and add fun to the boring winter. In hot summer, it can be used as an everyday small table and an afternoon tea table for your leisure time.

(□□) Heating table parameters
Name: Heating Table.
Table frame material: wood.
Heater size: 29.5*29.5*5CM (11.6*11.6*2.0 inches)
Table size: 80 * 80 * 41cm (31.5*31.5*16.1 inches), 120 * 80cm * 45cm (47.2*31.5*17.7 inches)
Table skirt size: 190*190CM (74.8*74.8 inches), 190*240CM (74.8*94.5 inches)
Floor mat size: 190*190CM (74.8*74.8 inches), 190*240CM (74.8*94.5 inches)
Application space: kitchen/living room/bedroom/balcony
Voltage: 220V.

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