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LaMotte #3580 WaterLink SpinTouch Lab, Latest Model

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Brand: LaMotte


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Details: Demand for this item is high so it might take up to 30 days for this product to ship. Order now, to get a place, on the shipping schedule, for earliest possible delivery. An improved and revolutionary in-store lab or mobile pool and spa water testing capability is here! Let the innovative WaterLink SpinTouch photometer, do all your pool and spa water testing, whether it's being done at a fixed location or done with in-the-field mobility. Just fill one unique Spin reagent disk with water and vital tests are done automatically. In just 30-60 seconds, 3-10 different test factors are completed, with no measuring, color-matching or guesswork.  The test results can be viewed on the built-in touch screen or transferred, by Bluetooth or a USB cable, to connect to a PC computer, with the optional DataMate 10 software. The displayed results and precise treatment recommendations and instructions can be printed out, for further action, as required. All data is stored, for future use or referral.  Instead of using the DataMate 10 software, you have the option of using Bluetooth to connect to Cloud-Based WaterLink DataMate Web, which is a subscription-based service.  This is especially valuable when there are multiple stores, within the same marketing area or even with locations country-wide or world-wide.  All data will be saved in the same place, no matter which store or facility does the testing.  The same WaterLink SpinTouch Lab can be used in mobile applications.  Used alone, it will display test results, on its touch screen.  Used with the Cloud-Based WaterLink DataMate WEB subscription service, you can display information on most Android devices, as well as Apple iPhones and tablets.  The basic difference between the in-store and mobile versions is the customized, weather-resistant carrying case, designed for in-the-field use. The DataMate 10 software, the spin disks and web based subscription service are not included.