Legend Furniture Sofabed, Green


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Brand: Legend Furniture

Color: Green


  • Package Dimensions: 72.0 L x W(inches)
  • Seating capacity: 3.0
  • Fabric type: Velvet-like
  • Package Weight: 132.0 pounds

Details: Nothing says class, sophistication and smooth comfort quite like velvet, and the transitional futon is the ultimate in style! The design itself is stunning. It combines thick cushioning with velvet, pillow arms, and a vintage look that takes you back to the bold and luxurious days of the 1953s. With a variety of colors to match your décor, this sofa can fit perfectly with a contemporary look, classic style or more rustic-looking living space. What’s more, the whole back piece lowered into lounging or sleeping position so you can sit up to watch your favorite movie, lounge back to chat with friends or offer overnight guests a perfectly comfortable place to spend the night. The best part is when you need the extra storage space, there is under the seat.

UPC: 787794547859