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LEISURELIFE Hard top Gazebo Outdoor Gazebo Double Galvanized Steel Roof Aluminum Frame for Garden Patio Lawns Parties Deck(10x12ft/12X16ft) (10x12)

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Brand: Leisurelife


  • 【Installation】This series of products are attached with video instructions, and the corresponding numbers on the instructions are pasted on the product accessories, which can reduce the difficulty of installation.Any installation problem is welcome to consult.
  • 【Material】The roof part uses galvanized iron plate, which is strong and rust proof. The shape can be lightweight under the condition of ensuring the strength. The rest are aluminum tubes. All the accessories are easy to pick up by a adult.
  • 【Double Top Design】The outdoor gazebo uses a double ventilation tower,this kind of design allows the wind to pass through. Hardtop roof not only protect against the high temperature and UV in summer, but also provide adequate shade for people to enjoy.
  • 【Water Diversion Design】 Rainwater can flow down smoothly from the eaves, not like cloth gazebo so that the accumulation of rainwater.Not like cloth gazebo so that the accumulation of rainwater. Can increase the service life.
  • 【Customer service】 All questions from customers will be answered within 24 hours. If you have any questions, please contact and send an email to the customer service staff of the store. We will take every customer's question seriously.

Details: Material aluminum tube Foot tube: triangle aluminum tube 76*76*1.0mm Horizontal tube: special-shaped aluminum tube 126*27*1.1mm Steel pipe (reinforced pipe) : 20 * 40 * 0.8 mm Ceiling: galvanized iron plate thickness 0.37mm Net: 35GSM ordinary six-hole gauze Color Net: beige Steel pipe: plastic spray black sand grain Aluminum tube: plastic spray black sand grain Size 10*12* 9.02ft (top height 2975mm, edge height 2020mm) Feet tube outside to foot tube outside: 2700*3350mm OtherThe diameter of the nail is 8mm (with the nail or expansion screw within 7mm) Load time: 4-10 hours for two adults The ceiling bearing snow: 800-1000kg