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LSNLNN Flower Stands,Folding Telescope Flower Holder, Garden Balcony Pine Telescope Frame Multilayer Flower Holder

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  • Decor, a Lovely Way to Show Your Flowers - Colorful Flower Buds, Green Plants, Herbs, Vases, Etc., All Look Spectacular on the Stairs.
  • Entrance Passage, Living Room, Sunny Windows, Sunken Terrace - Outdoor Activities: Garden, Pool Area, Balcony, Roof, Terrace, Flower Shop - Any Garden Party or Outdoor Event Decoration Focus
  • Floral and Garden Decoration Perfect for Families and Garden Lovers
  • Flowers and Flower Pots Have a Natural Growing Space, and This Flower Stand Allows Your Plants to Enjoy the Sun in a Comfortable Environment.
  • These Lovely Flower Stands Provide You with Unlimited Space to Showcase Your Favorite Plants, Displaying Your Colorful Flower Buds, Herbs, Pots and Vases with Personalized Plant Corners.