Luck Live Sofa Bed -Pull Out Sofa Bed futon -Sleeper couches for Living Room-Suitable for Small Space, RV Sofa Bed, Lounge


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Brand: Luck Live

Color: Grey


  • ✅ Multifunctional sofa bed, suitable for small-sized families, rental houses, RVs, offices, study rooms and other spaces.
  • ✅ The sofa can be turned into a big bed in seconds, and relatives and friends have no trouble staying overnight. It is a necessary artifact for small-sized families to come to rescue.
  • ✅There is a storage box at the bottom, which saves space and provides multi-functional storage.
  • ✅The cushion is removable and washable for easy care.
  • ✅The sofa to sofa bed can be easily pushed and pulled, and the bottom roller is designed to push and pull smoothly and effortlessly, protecting the floor with strong bearing capacity.
  • ✅Armrest storage bag focus on storing daily small objects, freely place and use.
  • ✅Sofa size: 50.3*34.6*34.2in Outer diameter of sofa bed after unfolding: 50.3*75.5*28.3in Inner diameter of cushion after unfolding: 45.3* 72.05 (the mattress can be replaced, it needs to be customized according to the size, the recommended thickness is controlled at 3.1-7in)