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Car refrigerator

Mesurn Vertical Freezer-compact Reversible Single Door Vertical Freezer-desktop Mini Freezer, Suitable For Office Dormitory Or Apartment

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Brand: Car refrigerator

Color: Gold


  • ● Space-saving compact vertical freezer-can deep-freeze your favorite food, while occupying less space in university dormitories, apartments, garages or offices.
  • ● This electric refrigerator is equipped with a sturdy, exquisite white spray-painted surface to ensure no debris storage and easy access when handling food
  • ● In order to achieve rapid cooling and stable temperature, the compact structure is adopted with high efficiency and low energy consumption compressor.
  • ● Use this freezer to keep snacks, boxed foods and desserts cool and enjoy them at football, baseball or birthday parties, suitable for nurseries, hospitals and other quiet places
  • ● Mini vertical freezer, even if you often open the door, you can ensure that you eat at the right temperature, medicines and drinks for kids.

Details: ● Product Features: Product power: 45W Capacity: 15L Product voltage: 12V / 24V / 220V Refrigeration range: from ambient 25 ° to -50 ° C Internal size: 350 * 245 * 185CM External size: 570 * 320 * 260CM ● Lightweight and compact: This compact freezer has a great impact. It has a space-saving footprint and 1.1 cubic meters. ● Silent technology: Our small freezer is designed for low noise and vibration, so it will not interfere with sleep, ● Suitable places: Ideal for use in offices, nurseries, bedrooms, hospitals and other quiet places. Ideal for storing ice cubes, medicines, dairy products, fruits or snacks, and breast milk. ● Provide small meals for long trips for 2-3 people, or cold drinks for two cars. Keep food fresh when storing drinks, salads, beef, etc. on a family trip.

EAN: 6189238991060