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Get ready to make a splash with the MIANAA Inflatable Swimming Pool. This household baby swimming bucket is perfect for little ones to cool off and have fun in. With its automatic pool feature and foldable design, it’s convenient and easy to use. Dive into endless hours of enjoyment with this top-notch inflatable pool.

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Color: Green


  • Wireless “core flash charging”, light press one button to form, no need to hold, power 4.0, big swimming pool instantly forming
  • Wireless renewable power, no fear of power outages, 900mAh large capacity, 10 times of charging once
  • Double drains, no water is left, double drains at the bottom design, drain faster and cleaner
  • Food-grade imported PVC, German vinnolt material, 4 times thicker PVC, no fear of exposure, no fear of outdoor play
  • The storage is well-organized, it can save 90% of the space after folding, saving time and effort, and living in an orderly manner


The MIANAA Inflatable Swimming Pool is a must-have for all households with babies and children. With its easy-to-use features and foldable design, this pool offers convenience and fun for the whole family. The wireless “core flash charging” technology allows for instant formation of the pool with just a press of a button, eliminating the need to hold it in place. The pool is equipped with a wireless renewable power source, ensuring uninterrupted playtime even during power outages. The double drain design allows for quick and efficient water drainage, while the food-grade imported PVC material guarantees durability and safety. When not in use, the pool can be easily folded, saving up to 90% of storage space. Choose the MIANAA Inflatable Swimming Pool for endless hours of aquatic enjoyment.

UPC: 665388249986

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