Miracle LED Hydroponics LED Indoor Grow Light Kit Full Spectrum


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Get impressive indoor gardening results with the Miracle LED Hydroponics LED Indoor Grow Light Kit. This kit includes three ultra-grow full spectrum 150W replacement grow light bulbs and a 3-socket corded fixture with a SproutMatic timer. Illuminate your plants with the power of LED technology for optimal growth and harvest.


Brand: Miracle LED

Color: Full Spectrum


  • GROW LIKE THE PROS – Try this soil-free growing method from the comfort of your home with this easy-entry kit!
  • ALMOST FREE ENERGY – Each 12W LED replaces 150W Old Incandescent Bulbs and runs at a fraction of the cost, costing only $1.44 per year in energy costs!
  • WATER RESISTANT – Durable rubber cord and polarized plug makes this kit flexible, strong, and water resistant!
  • LIMITLESS SETUP – Master your indoor gardening setup with high versatility and flexibility! These 4-foot strings are perfect to reach the tightest and most difficult spaces with ease.
  • SPROUTMATIC ALL-WEATHER CONTROLLING TIMING – Synchronize your growing schedule with ease! Just set the time and push the tabs down to set how long your plants receive light.
  • Grow plants rapidly with the full spectrum technology, delivering a white daytime sunlight your plants crave.


The Miracle LED Hydroponics LED Indoor Grow Light Kit is the perfect solution for anyone looking to grow plants like a pro from the comfort of their home. This kit includes three Ultra Grow Full Spectrum 150W Replacement Grow Light Bulbs and one 3-Socket Corded Fixture with SproutMatic Timer. With each 12W LED bulb replacing 150W old incandescent bulbs, you can enjoy almost free energy and save on costs, with an annual energy cost of just $1.44. The kit is water-resistant, thanks to the durable rubber cord and polarized plug, making it flexible, strong, and safe to use. With its four-foot strings, this kit offers limitless setup possibilities, allowing you to reach the tightest and most difficult spaces with ease. The SproutMatic all-weather controlling timing feature lets you synchronize your growing schedule effortlessly, ensuring your plants receive the right amount of light. Additionally, the full spectrum technology delivers a white daytime sunlight that your plants crave, promoting rapid growth. Upgrade your indoor gardening setup with this versatile and efficient grow light kit from Miracle LED.

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