Miracle LED Modular Grow Solutions Indoor Grow Kit Multi-spectrum


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Upgrade your indoor gardening with the Miracle LED Modular Grow Solutions 3-Step Life Cycle Indoor Grow Kit. This kit includes blue, full, and red spectrum Absolute Daylight Plus Grow Bulbs, along with a clamp fixture and a 6-outlet SproutMatic Timer. Experience the benefits of efficient and targeted lighting for your plants while saving money and time.


Brand: Miracle LED

Color: Multi-spectrum


  • LIFE CYCLE – Keep your plants happy and healthy from seed to full grown tomato, basil, flower, and more. Perfect for any indoor growing setup!
  • ALMOST FREE ENERGY – Each 14W LED replaces 150W Old Incandescent Bulbs and runs at a fraction of the cost, costing only $1.44 per year in energy costs!
  • LIMITLESS SETUP – Master your indoor gardening setup with high versatility and flexibility! Easy clamp system allows a sturdy hold on most surfaces for the superior growing angle.
  • SPROUTMATIC ALL-WEATHER CONTROLLING TIMING – Synchronize your growing schedule with ease! Just set the time and push the tabs down to set how long your plants receive light.
  • MULTI-SPECTRUM – 3 nutritious light spectrums your plants crave! Blue Spectrum seeding light keeps sprouting plants growing strong and dense. Full Spectrum Daylight harnesses the power of the natural sun to keep plants healthy and lush. Red Spectrum lights promotes fruiting & flowering as plants reaches maturity.


The Miracle LED Modular Grow Solutions 3-Step Life Cycle Indoor Grow Kit is a comprehensive package designed to keep your plants thriving at every stage of growth. This kit includes 1 Ea. Blue, Full & Red Spectrum Absolute Daylight Plus Grow Bulbs, providing the perfect lighting conditions for seeds, sprouts, and mature plants. The 1 Clamp Fixture with 1 6-Outlet SproutMatic Timer ensures easy installation and precise control over your growing schedule. With its energy-efficient LED technology, each 14W bulb replaces a 150W incandescent bulb, saving you money on energy costs. The versatile clamp system allows for easy attachment to most surfaces, providing optimal light angles for your plants. Whether you’re growing tomatoes, basil, or flowers, this indoor grow kit is a must-have for any indoor gardening setup.

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