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Mitsubishi Electric IH rice cookers Bincho Sumisumi 炊釜 5.5 Go cook Pure White NJ-VE108-W

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Brand: Mitsubishi

Color: White


  • Japan
  • Size: height 10.7 × width 27.4 × depth 8.4cm
  • Weight: 0.535Kg
  • Power: AC100V · 50 / 60Hz shared
  • Material: Body: steel / aluminum / ABS resin, pot: aluminum / steel / phenolic resin / stainless steel, deep-fried cover steamed network: Steel


Details: ? Bincho Sumisumi ?? cook raise cook the rice with every grain firmness and shine up. Promote the water absorption of the time of charging by the ultrasonic vibration. Make rice water-retaining membrane around, Bring cook the rice with every grain firmness and shine. ? charcoal coated with two layers Atsukama. Charcoal coated with two layers Atsukama. Bring plump cook the rice. ? increase the rice flavor in charge. Promote the water in an ultrasonic water ultrasonic vibration. Rice with firmness and shine. ? Pull out the rice flavor without Tayasa a continuous boiling and 5 double overall heating over high heat, cook the exquisite texture, continuous boiling. Heated in 5-fold heater wrapped around the inner hook. Cook suppress the non-uniformity, and pull out the flavor. ? KaoruJun cook (rice, rinse-free rice) mode: aged sweetness take the time than normal rice (white rice, usually). ? time-shortening mode: If you want to cook early "hurry" mode ? barley mode: while taking advantage of the texture of wheat, Bring cook delicious. Because there is a barley-only memory, you can easily adjust the water level. ? Chinese porridge mode: you can create a Chinese porridge of finish and kidnapping. The inner hook: Bincho Sumisumi ?? Kamasoko thickness 2mm outside: charcoal coat inside: hard coat (2-layer) + carbon 3-year warranty ? 1 (if it is a different how to use the description of the ? 1 instruction manual target It will be outside) Power: AC100V

EAN: 4902901817366

Package Dimensions: 13.2 x 10.9 x 10.6 inches