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N/ A Coffee Maker, Coffee Machine Espresso Maker Business All-in-One Pressure Pump High Pressure Steam Pipe Boil-Dry Protection Independent Pressure Gauge Low Water Level Protection Device

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  • ★ Four-hole steam nozzle: a stable four-hole steam head with high steam dryness and low water content.
  • ★ Dual control operation: manual and automatic dual control, semi-automatic espresso machine with automatic operation buttons, saving time and convenient operation.
  • ★ Two pressure gauges show that a stable pressure gauge and a stable temperature are the criteria for measuring an espresso machine.
  • ★ Snap-on brass brewing head: precision seamless link design, brass brewing head, keeping the water temperature constant, in order to create a fragrant espresso.
  • ★ 304 stainless steel water tray: stainless steel water tray with stainless steel bracket, high quality.

Details: product description Product Name: Italian commercial coffee machine Color: champagne, white Weight: 40 kg Number of brewing heads: 1 Boiler capacity: 6L Power requirements: 220V ~ 230V 50Hz Power: 2.6KW Production time: 120CUP / H Product size: 490x4 70x540m m Carton size: 610x5 80x750mm Suitable place Coffee shop, dessert shop, tea shop, cake shop, etc. Standard equipment 1x double head handle 1x single head handle 1x stainless steel bracket 1x powder press 1x coffee powder spoon 1x manual prompt: In order to extend the service life of the machine, it is recommended to perform monthly descaling and maintenance once. If the use is more frequent, the descaling and maintenance will increase accordingly.