NC Inflatable Swimming Pool with Automatic Inflation, Durable, Large-Capacity Storage and Wear-Resistant Outdoor 1.8meters


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Experience endless fun and relaxation with the NC Inflatable Swimming Pool. Its automatic inflation feature ensures hassle-free setup, while the durable construction guarantees long-term use. With a large-capacity storage and wear-resistant design, this outdoor pool is perfect for family gatherings and summer parties. Dive into the ultimate aquatic adventure today!

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Brand: NC

Color: 1.8meters


  • 1. Household inflatable swimming pool, easy to fold;
  • 2. It can be used as a gardening water storage bag;
  • 3. Automatic inflation, durable, large-capacity storage;
  • 4. Outdoor wear-resistant inflatable swimming pool, no geographical restrictions;
  • 5. A very good parent-child swimming pool; suitable for children who can’t swim;


The NC Inflatable Swimming Pool offers a convenient and versatile solution for your water-related needs. This household inflatable swimming pool is not only easy to fold, but it can also be used as a gardening water storage bag. With automatic inflation, it ensures quick and hassle-free setup. Its durable construction and large-capacity storage make it perfect for outdoor use, and its wear-resistant design means it can be used without geographical restrictions. Additionally, this pool serves as an excellent parent-child swimming pool, making it ideal for children who are learning to swim. Enjoy endless hours of fun and relaxation with this reliable and multi-functional inflatable swimming pool.

UPC: 648122027323