Newer Spreader Model 225 Silver Aluminum


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Upgrade your lawn care game with the Newer Spreader Model 225. Achieve a perfectly even and efficient spread of seeds, fertilizers, and other granular materials. Experience the difference in your yard’s health and appearance with this innovative and reliable spreading solution.


Brand: Newer Spreader

Color: Silver (aluminum)


  • This unit comes standard with the 2″ Ball Hitch attachment (the drop pin style hitch is standard) (That’s a $40.00 value!)
  • This unit also comes standard with the Tarp Cover! (That’s a $80.00 value!)
  • The Standard Agitator is also standard equipment.
  • This model comes standard with the NEW Adjustable Relief Panel!!
  • We ship the unit out UNASSEMBLED to the continental US only.


The Newer Spreader Model 225 is a silver aluminum spreader designed to make your spreading tasks easier and more efficient. It comes standard with a 2″ Ball Hitch attachment, a Tarp Cover, and the Standard Agitator. The highlight of this model is the new Adjustable Relief Panel, which allows you to easily control the flow of material. Additionally, this unit is shipped unassembled for your convenience. With its durable construction and valuable included features, the Newer Spreader Model 225 is a must-have tool for anyone in need of a reliable spreader.

UPC: 700580994163